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Fremdsprachenassistenten an der Ernst-Reuter Schule

Seit einigen Jahren ist die Arbeit von Fremdsprachenassistenten eine Tradition an der Ernst-Reuter Schule geworden.
Sie unterstützen tatkräftig den Fachbereich Englisch. Sie helfen den Schülern bei der Aussprache, leiten Konversationskurse auf Englisch, gestalten Unterrichtssequenzen, nehmen an Diskussionen im Englischunterricht der Oberstufe teil und bereiten die Schüler auf den mündlichen Teil der Englischprüfung im Rahmen des MSA vor.

Hier sind sie:

2007-08 Kate Zambon/ USA ; erneuter Besuch 2010:

2009-10 Freddie Bruce/ UK:

2011/12 Jamie Dunster:/ UK

My Experience in Berlin

My name is Jamie, I am the English Language assistant at Ernst-Reuter Schule and I have now been here for nearly seven months. I had visited Berlin before when I was at school but that was a few years ago so I was not really sure what to expect. Luckily I had found some temporary accommodation so that was one less thing to think about when I arrived. My first surprise was on the day I arrived when I took the tram from one station to the school. I thought the tram would stop by the pavement but it stopped in the middle of the road. When the doors opened I was worried about getting run over by a car but luckily it was fine.

The first few days were a bit of culture shock for me and also for my friends who are assistants at other schools in Berlin. After a week this passed and I was able to settle, and after weeks of trying, I found a nice place to live as well. The flat is in a quiet area on the edge of Kreuzberg so the location is perfect. The first things I noticed about Berlin were its multiculturalism and how environmentally friendly it tries to be. In England we do not get money for recycling plastic bottles. It is also so much cheaper to live in Berlin than anywhere in England. I was shocked at how much better value the train tickets are. In London you would pay much more for travelling than here. I have really enjoyed working at this school from the first day. When I arrived I had looked on the website to try and find out about the school but I still did not know what to expect. Everyone was very welcoming and I would like to thank Leon the student who gave me a tour of Berlin soon after I arrived. The majority of students are much more willing to learn a language here than in England. We British people are known for being terrible at speaking foreign languages and this is true. The majority of my students have been very keen to improve their English which has been really good for me. It has also been very interesting for me to learn about the different backgrounds of all the students. Many of them have parents who came from other countries and I was very interested to hear how they came to Berlin what they do here. I did not know that the city was so multicultural.

My favourite aspect of Berlin has been the nightlife. My favourite type of music is heavy rock and there are more places that play it than anywhere I have lived before. I do not have to worry about getting home because the trains run through the night Friday and Saturday which is really useful. I can definitely say that Berlin is the safest city I have ever lived in. I do not feel in danger in any part of it. I study in Nottingham in England where if you go to the wrong place, something bad will almost certainly happen to you. In Berlin I do not have this problem. My time in Berlin has been an amazing experience and I will be sad when it finishes. Although it will be good to see my family in the summer I will always remember the year I spent here. I would definitely like to try and visit the city frequently in the future.

Jamie Dunster

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