Fachbereiche Englisch Kursfahrt nach London 2009

London a multicultural experience

The amazing buildings, landmarks, shops and markets are a must for everyone. Well, we had the chance to see all these special places and multicultural areas.

We stayed at the Generator Hostel near Russell Square from 06th -11th July 2009.

A walk to the London Eye and Waterloo Bridge were first on the agenda, where we immediately noticed the rainy weather London is known for. We also noticed the great mix of ethnic groupsthere were a lot of Arabian, Indian, Italian, Turkish and Pakistani shops. We often felt hassled by the Indians and Pakistanis handing out different newspapers. And not to forget we took photos of one of the towns biggest landmarks: Tower Bridge!

Oxford Street - Europes largest shopping street - offers amazing shopping facilities: Several clothes shops like Prime Market, GAP and Next, sports-, shoe- and jewelers shops as well as numerous fast food restaurants. However we were not there to shop the whole day.
So we walked through Hyde Park to Buckingham Palace. What a coincidence!
The guards began their changing. And of course we pulled out our digital cameras, just like all the other tourists. After the wonderful parade we went to Westminster Abbey. What a gorgeous church with such an impressive faade.
But not only that inside we could explore history.

And of course we visited the British Museum and the British Library. Beside the Assyrian and Chaldean reliefs, the Parthenon sculptures and the Egyptian mummies, we checked out the department of coins and medals. It was so interesting that we didnt want to leave! Our next destination was the British Library where we learnt more about the Golden Haggadah, the Magna Carta, the Gutenberg Bible, Sultan Baybars Quran and Leonardo da Vinci. After hours of improving our minds we wanted to explore Camden Market. We walked along the Thames where we found delicious blackberries. As we arrived at Camden Market we were given the chance to explore the market on our own. There were hundreds of stalls full of so many different things. Besides Indian, Chinese and Italian food, they also sold a plethora of different clothes. It was the perfect opportunity to buy special souvenirs and accessories.

Oxford was on our list as well. We made a wonderful city sightseeing tour by bus.
We got information about St. Johns and Lincoln College. We passed St. Aldates Church and Alices Shop, too.
Arriving at Christ Church College, we had time to look around. We were lucky: The famous dining-hall everyone knows from the Harry Potter films was open!
Also Covered Market was a destination.There we discovered a bakery where they produced special cakes.

Again we wanted to experience more of Londons multicultural life. So we went to Green Street, an area where over 50% of the community are Indians and Pakistanis. We found a street full of Indian and Pakistani shopseverywhere you looked there were so many sari shops.

All in all, the time in London was really indescribable, especially the balance of hectic life, the crowds on the streets, in the shops and the relaxed atmosphere in the evenings. A little bit strange was the fact that you are allowed to cross the road when it turns red. We even noticed a traffic signal for horsesstrange!

Wed never expected to experience so many sides of London in only a few daysan informative experience. Therefore we would like to thank Mrs. Machut and Mrs. Bldorn, who made this wonderful trip possible for us.

Lisa Kurio & Yildiz Duman

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